Newport Folk Festival, come and play
Listen live from your lounge, 27-28 June

We had a fantastic weekend of live-streamed music on 27-28 June!

Facebook All performance videos are still available on our Facebook page.

For links to performer websites, see the Program pageFull program - see What's On page for details

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Festival streams live on our Facebook page


Watch on TV

You might be able to watch the festival on your TV for a big-screen view.
Here are a few ways to do it:


If you have a smart TV (or a streaming device such as Chromecast) you can stream the videos from the Facebook app on your phone, tablet or computer. See instructions from Facebook.

Screen cast

If streaming doesn't work, you could try "Casting your screen". That means that whatever you see on your phone or tablet screen will also show on your TV.
See instructions for Android and iPhone/iPad.

Connect with an HDMI cable

If you have a laptop with an HDMI port (and an HDMI port on your TV) you can connect them with an HDMI cable. You might need to set the laptop to send its video output to the HDMI port - this is often an alternative function on the top row of keys. Then just select the input on your TV and you're done. If you need to buy an HDMI cable, even a cheap one will work well.